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Internet marketing is all about generating visits, conversions, sales taking advantage of the Web through search engines, social media, linking strategies, paid ads and other relevant strategies, tools.

Optimeez is the first online tool able to help you develop and manage multiple website marketing strategies including seo (search engine optimization), social media presence and paid ads. Our online software comes with powerful tools such as a crawler, keyword generator, social media management, backlink checker and so on. And you can have free access to reasonable amount of analysis and reports. Do not hesitate! Make it your online marketing tool!

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[News Optimeez] Lancement de nouveaux outils de mots-clés

La boîte à outils experts gagne cette semaine un nouveau look et s’enrichit d’un outil de suggestion de mots clés complet. Une des principales tâche du webmarketeur, faisant partie des...

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Video Tutorial Optimeez

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Don’t Google Glass it !

With google Glass released for entrepreneurs and hackers, we’re already seeing people tlaking about the potential, good or bad, effects on our lives. i personnally think it will be quite...

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